Advanced Pharma Intelligence



What is Advanced Pharma Intelligence GmbH?

Advanced Pharma Intelligence GmbH domiciled in Zug, Switzerland is a holding company, which provides boutique software solutions for the Pharmaceutical and Biotech industry. The Company is engaged in the research, development, and marketing of a range of software products targeting the Life Sciences industry.

What makes you different?

Our business model is based on our vast experience working client side for the world’s largest Biotech, over 40 years of hands in experience. We are combining disease knowledge, drug development, forecasting and pricing analytics with technology and software. This combination allows us to focus on building a trading platform like no other. Built on big data – but facts as opposed to opinions and judgement. We have several clients using our beta version system, and they, and many others are waiting for us to deliver our innovative technology platform to displace legacy systems and processes.

How big is the market that you are addressing?

The biotech and pharmaceutical market global annual revenue turnover is approximately $800 billion today, expected to grow to over a trillion by 2022. The pipeline of new drugs is continuously increasing, but these drugs are niche, i.e. Orphan diseases and Bio-Markers, but costly. 60 drugs were approved by the FDA in 2015. This does not count for the drug failures. Each drug that reaches market has an investment of over $2.6 billion USD. Our focus is to target all these global product launches.

Are you a ¨healthtech¨ or ¨fintech¨ company?

The current product is more for pharma- and biotech companies, and their consultants, whereas our future line of products will also have applicability within the capital markets.

When is the Advanced Pharma Intelligence Token sale?

The Token sale for Advanced Pharma Intelligence will begin on 21-08, 2017 at 08.08pm UTC. It will last 9 weeks until 23-10-2017, at 08.08pm UTC

When will Advanced Pharma Intelligence Token first be listed on an exchange?

We are in discussion with a few exchanges. The BIONT token will be listed within 4 weeks after the Token sale officially ends. All token holder will be informed accordingly.

How many Tokens are there in this sale?
  • There are 140 Million ¨BIONT¨ tokens available in total.
  • 126 Million tokens (90% of total) in the crowd sale.
  • 14 Million tokens (10% of total) are reserved for Advanced Pharma Intelligence GmbH and founding team, with a lock in period of 6 months.
  • All unsold token will be locked, see smart contract, for a period of 5 years.
Does the price of BioNT tokens go down after the five years lock up of unsold tokens?

The company doesn’t have an interest to sell all potential unsold tokens at once after five years, but has discretion to do with the tokens what they want after a lock up of five years, they can deploy that money to make even more revenues out of it, but it can also hold onto the tokens if they reckon that that’s better.

Are there bonus periods?
  • Weeks 1+2, there’s a 20% bonus
  • Week 3, there’s a 15% bonus
  • Week 4, there’s a 10% bonus
  • Week 5, there’s a 5% bonus
  • Weeks 6, + 7 + 8 + 9, 0% bonus, hence after week 5 the Crowd-sale continues for up to 4 additional weeks without bonus
What is the investor value proposition?

A token buyback in the secondary market is funded with at least 50% (and 100% of sales above 100 million USD) of the revenues of the company over the coming 25 years. In the primary years revenues will increase, and more focus is on market penetration, rather than on optimal revenues, in this period, depending on total token sales in Q3 2017, many of the development projects can be started in parallel as well as the commercialisation of the current existing beta version of one of the projects. The current existing product on its own has been estimated (by a specialised third party) to have base-case revenues of 65 million USD per year in a few years from now. Supply and demand will initially guide price in the secondary market, however, as the company grows its revenues there will be an increasingly big demand for the tokens, which will have a price increasing effect.

Are there any live presentations planned, as part of a road show?

Foreseen are in person presentations during August/September/October (alphabetical order and subject to change) in the following cities:

  • Amsterdam
  • Barcelona
  • Dubai
  • Frankfurt
  • Geneva
  • Hong Kong
  • London
  • Madrid
  • Mumbai
  • Seoul
  • Singapore
  • Tel Aviv
  • Zug
  • Zürich


How can I contribute to the Token sale?

For the moment, you can only make your contributions in cryptocurrency Ethereum (ETH).

In the next few days we will start accepting BTC and also CHF (Swiss Francs) via wire transfer. Please subscribe to our newsletter to stay informed.

What is the minimum contribution?

For contributions in ETH there is no minimum contributions.
For contributions in BTC there will be no minimum contributions.
For contributions in CHF, there will be a minimum, for the moment this is set at CHF 100’000.

Will the white paper and website be available in other languages too?

For the moment only a Chinese translation is foreseen of the main parts.

When text is available in multiple languages in case of any doubt, the English version is always guiding.

How do I contribute to the Token Sale?

Follow the instructions/tutorials on the website.

Always ENSURE that you are contribution goes to the right smart contract address, look at the official website ensure it is ONLY and NOT any other address.

Who can I contact if I need any support?

Please contact us by email on