Advanced Pharma Intelligence


Jas Dosanjh


Over 25 years of experience, cumulating 15 years within the biotech sector

Extensive experience in oncology, hematology, and orphan product launches, mature in-line brand strategy, and offensive & defensive biosimilar pricing strategies

Specialized in Econometrics, Advanced Financial Modeling & Measurement, Advanced Statistics. Thesis “Commodity Prices” Determinants of the collapse of commodity prices during the 1980’s

Based in Zug, Switzerland, for over 10 years. Prior to that worked in London and Cambridge, originally from the city of Birmingham in England.


Jas has more than 20 years of experience in forecasting, analytics and business intelligence; he has developed and implemented decision making solutions across many industry sectors, with over 15 years specializing in the pharmaceutical industry.


Jas spent 13 years at Amgen, the world’s largest biotech with a market cap of $125Bn. In his international role, he launched Amgen’s first oncology therapeutic and Amgen’s first orphan drug. The past few years, he consulted for global pharma and biotech using his vast experience from launching orphan drugs to maintaining the tail for mature products facing biosimilar competition, enabling his clients to confidently implement, launch & maintain defense strategies, with real time execution tracking.


Jas has consistently translated complex business problems into simple impactful solutions; he has transformed the way we manage the complex web and numerous data flows for International Reference Pricing and Launch Sequencing; with his focus on strategy, analytics and simplicity, he wants to ensure his clients are advantaged by his solutions.


He drives for analytical innovation and wants to empower business decision makers; he continuously strives to change the way the pharmaceutical industry thinks about forecasting, pricing, contracting and profit optimization.