Advanced Pharma Intelligence


Sabine Albrecht

CEO & Co-Founder

Over 16 years of experience in the biotech sector

During her past few years, prior to founding Advanced Pharma Intelligence, she consulted on numerous pricing, forecasting and marketing strategy projects within the biotech and pharmaceutical industry.

Based in Zurich, Switzerland, 2008-2012, in Los Angeles, USA, 2012 – 2017, in Zug, Switzerland since March 2017, Sabine is a global strategic and dynamic marketing executive and entrepreneur with over 16 years of experience in biotech & pharmaceutical marketing and pricing & access with a proven track record of delivering results in product launch and mature in-line brand strategy as well as biosimilar offensive and defensive strategies.


Sabine started her career at Simon Kucher & Partners, the world’s most renowned Pricing Consulting Company. During her 11 years at Amgen, the world’s biggest biotech company, she held various roles, both in the US as well as in Amgen’s European headquarters in Switzerland. She helped building the pricing & reimbursement market insights function and launched Amgen’s first oncology therapeutic product globally and orphan drug internationally. She is the primary inventor of a world-wide patent (in filing) for a smart device technology she developed at Amgen while leading Amgen’s biosimilar offensive and defensive commercial strategies.