Advanced Pharma Intelligence


Terms and conditions



Token ICO starting 21-08-2017, at 08.08pm UTC, until sold out or till end of ICO period.

  • 1st + 2nd weeks 20% additional tokens
  • 3rd week 15% additional tokens
  • 4th week 10% additional tokens
  • 5th week 5% additional tokens
  • 6th/9th week, finishing 23-10-2017, at 08.08pm UTC, no bonus tokens


Token Name: BioNT

Fixed Price: 300 BioNT per ETH

Issuing Entity: Advanced Pharma Intelligence GmbH

Jurisdiction of Issuance: Switzerland


Time to Issuance: Tokens are issued immediately to your Ether Wallet where you hold your private key. However, Tokens will have a transfer freeze until the tokens are listed on exchanges.

If any tokens are left after that period, these ¨unsold tokens¨ will be held in ¨Treasury¨ of the Advanced Pharma Intelligence GmbH, available for a sale in secondary market, but with a lockup of 1825 days, basically five years (5*365), hard coded in the smart contract.

The number of tokens are capped, 140 million, (the maximum amount raised does depend on the additional bonus tokens in the first few weeks of the offering, this is automatically done in the smart contract settings too).

126 million tokens available for the crowd sale campaign.

14 million tokens, with a 6 month lock up, are reserved for Advanced Intelligence GmbH and founders team.


Advanced Pharma Intelligence GmbH develops and enhances its systems (existing and planned new systems) and business development (commercialization of existing beta tested and to be developed ones).

Advanced Pharma Intelligence GmbH will buy in the secondary market, both on the exchanges as well as in direct deals with participants at a price not exceeding the then market price, a minimum of 50%of the software revenues each year, for 25 years, those tokens will be deleted (¨irreversibly moved to trash¨) after buyback. This will be done in the second month after the year was finished, i.e. February 2018/2041. Announcement of how many tokens at what average price have been bought back will follow one month after the completion of those buybacks.

In February/April 2042, buyback in the open market will be done for a three-month period, and the total sum of buybacks will be divided by the number of still outstanding/not bought back tokens (possibly including any tokens that are still in the Treasury of Advanced Pharma Intelligence GmbH and haven’t been sold in a secondary offering). If any tokens haven’t been offered for sale at the secondary market, management of Advanced Pharma Intelligence GmbH will donate the remainder of the monies to a good cause of their choice (one or more not-for profit charitable organizations, e.g. World Cancer Research Fund, Red Cross).

In exceptional cases, in order to provide the most risk averse features, we may upgrade the smart contract code and update and transparently send the new valid token, e.g. in case the exchanges, where we’d like to list, demand such.

Gas limit is responsibility of the sender/contributor.

In case the cap (126 million tokens for sale in crowd sale) is reached, excess payments will be rejected and repaid.


Calculation example:

Assume in year 2027, total software revenues would be 160 million USD equivalent. Token buyback will be a minimum of 80 million USD in the open market during the month of February 2028.


Advanced Pharma Intelligence GmbH, guarantees that the presented MVP’s is fully owned and/or developed by Advanced Pharma Intelligence GmbH. That all software revenues generated with the presented solution will be communicated on their website, and part will be used according to the terms described above for the buyback of tokens in the secondary market.